Facing the Future



GLOBAL CHALLENGE is an independent Brussels-based think tank for reflection on key societal, human and technological challenges of our time. It is guided by the values of respect for human dignity and planetary protection. It consiously brings together diverse philosophies and perspectives around these values.

GLOBAL CHALLENGE works on and facilitates projects whose results are destined for the public and policymakers to debate. It has no hidden agendas – to the contrary, it aims at putting what should concern us all on to the agenda.

A major project GLOBAL CHALLENGE has facilitated is the preparation of a book on major challenges for humanity,at the human level and ones affecting societies and the planet. Details will be provided on this site in due course.

Based at: FCJ Centre, Ave Winston Churchill 211 B-1180 Brussels

Tel +32 2 374 8189 Fax +32 2 375 7109

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